About Us

Institute of Cognitive Modeling is a research and development organization, engaged in social technologies and providing services in the field of social communication.


Our experts provide consultations on image formation strategy, public positioning and digital technologies.

The Institute also conducts sociological research, undertakes research in the field of social psychology, develops educational and psychotherapeutic products in corporate psychology, conducts individual therapy sessions and organizes author lectures.

Dmitro Tsarenko
Victor Berezenko
Svitlana Paveletska
Oksana Moskalenko
Head of Analytics and Sociological Research
Inna Gasiak
Head of Digital Technology
Kateryna Kolchak
Head of Social and Corporate Psychology
Kateryna Kravchenko
Head of Production
Tetiana Serova
Head of the Creative Group
Spartak Subbota
Scientific adviser of the Institute of Cognitive Modeling