Corporate psychology

Corporate psychology

Provides comfort and healthy development of each player within the team. We will help you find and retain your key employees.

  • Staff motivation; professional burnout; challenges of professional development; team conflict management.
  • Identification of destructive and constructive patterns of behavior within the team; growth crisis; new staff recruitment and agreeable dismissal; difficulties in communication between team members; identification of leaders in the team; search for the best tools for staff development in a particular organization.
  • New employee adaptation to the workplace; conveying philosophy of the company to the employees at all levels.

Online consultations

For your convenience, we offer our special service – online consultation.
Book an online appointment with our specialists and enjoy the service in a friendly atmosphere in any corner of the world.

Educational activities

Join ICM educational activities! If you are engaged in scientific activities and self-education in psychology and psychotherapy, our experts are willing to share with you their knowledge and experience, shed light on the complicated features of the human mind and motivate you to develop psychological competence.

Individual therapy

The range of issues that individual psychotherapy deals with is vast and can make a person’s life easier and happier in various areas.

Experts of our institute employ evidence-based approach for working with patients around the world. Contact us if you notice the following:

  • Depression.
  • Suspected case of depression; panic attacks; anxiety disorders; obsessive-compulsive disorders.
  • Sexual disorders; social anxiety; phobias; experience of loss; stress; professional burnout; eating disorder; unwarranted fears.
  • Low self-esteem; inability to regulate emotions; self-doubt; feeling of being out of place; toxic relationships; emotional violence; inability to cope with anger; insomnia and other sleep disorders; concentration difficulties; family relationship problems; being easily irritated.
  • Alcohol addiction; workaholism; gambling; no one to talk to; harmful addictions; irritation.