Communication assistance of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the team of the Institute of cognitive modeling was engaged in communication support of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

> 3 500 000 subscribers

  • In 3 days, the community became the largest in Ukraine and in the midst of the lockdown had more participants than the top-5 Viber communities of Ukraine together

> 870 000 subscribers

  • In the midst of a lockdown, the channel was the first most popular and second most cited among government communication channels
  • It had 6.7 times more subscribers than all the government Telegram channels together

The main stages

Media audit

Creation and development of the relevant communication channels

Offline activity

All-Ukrainian campaign #ISupportDoctors

During the fight against the coronavirus disease, doctors were on the front line. They risked their health for the safety of millions of Ukrainians, saving patients 24/7.

To support doctors, the #ISupportDoctors (#Підтримуюлікарів) campaign was launched, the symbol of which was a red ribbon with a knot as the personification of unity and solidarity with Ukrainian doctors. The red ribbon unites Ukrainians and doctors in one help line.

Cartoons for children

PLUSPLUS Children’s TV channel and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine aired a cartoon with tips for children on how to behave during the coronavirus COVID-19 quarantine.
Together with the cartoon characters, Triangle, Quadric and Circle, children learn the ways to easily «arm themselves against the virus».

Collaborations with opinion leaders


Over 20 infographics



To provide up-to-date information about coronavirus disease verified by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, a special chatbot «Ivan Mask» was launched. In particular, through this chatbot, it was possible to find out morbidity statistics, updated information about quarantine restrictions, telephone hotlines where you can call directly from your smartphone, get advice on how to protect yourself, loved ones and how to act in different situations related to coronavirus infection, according to the protocols of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

During the cooperation between the Institute and the Ministry of Health

(from March 5, 2020)

  • became more aware of the government’s functions
  • became less frightened by the global epidemic
  • became more aware of the main ways for preventing the spread of infection
  • the number of murders, frauds, accidents decreased
  • the number of non-emergency calls decreased


  • Uber didn’t charge medical workers for its services in 7 cities
  • OKKO covered transportation costs for 20,000 trips of doctors
  • lifecell provided healthcare professionals with free communication and
  • mobile internet services
  • ROZETKA delivered food and household items
  • Google helps to inform the general public for free

During the cooperation between the Institute and the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Health information campaign was considerably strengthened. Ukrainians have become familiar with the ways to prevent viral infections.

*Based on the results of a panel sociological research «Coronavirus disease situation in Ukraine», conducted by Gradus. The respondents of the panel are Ukrainian citizens living in different districts and towns, with population over 50,000, aged 18-60. «Three waves» of research were conducted on February 2, March 7 and March 15, 2020. The field stage of the third wave lasted from March 15 to 16. Survey sampling – 873 respondents, response-rate – 47.8%. Survey form – online survey.

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