Communication projects to support Ukrainians in Europe

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Institute of Cognitive Modeling, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, implemented a number of initiatives and launched information resources aimed at helping Ukrainians who were forced to leave for Poland or are still planning to leave.

The main task is to build a trilateral model of interaction between governments and people, help people to adapt abroad during the war and resist Russian propaganda, which daily produces a large number of fakes and disinformation, including about the stay of Ukrainians in Poland. 


Digital project UA HELP

In April 2022, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Romanuke team, UA HELP information resources were launched for Ukrainian citizens who were forced to leave or plan to leave for Poland due to the war.

Resources – a website and UAHelpBot in Telegram, thanks to which Ukrainian citizens can receive all the necessary information about going abroad, documents, and free assistance in a convenient format.


Creation of resource content: 

— border crossing conditions for adults and children;

— conditions of stay in Poland;

— obtaining documents and appropriate refugee or temporary protection status;

— explanation of existing financial assistance;

— explanation of medical services;

— assistance with job search;

— assistance in finding a kindergarten and school for children;

— contacts of hotlines, aid centers and foundations that support Ukrainians in Poland;

— survey of Ukrainians on the creation of social projects needed in the future.


Facilitating the implementation of initiatives to help Ukrainians

With the support of the Institute of Cognitive Modeling, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe, WhiteBIT, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine signed a memorandum of interaction and cooperation.

This partnership made it possible to provide additional support to Ukrainians who are seeking temporary asylum on the territory of foreign countries due to the war. Particularly thanks to:

— ensuring the appropriate technical equipment for the consular services of Ukraine;

— support from WhiteBIT of the Anti-Crisis Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a 24H call center to advise citizens of Ukraine;

— technical equipment of mobile groups of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

— creating barrier-free access for people with impaired hearing loss to foreign diplomatic institutions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and their services.