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In October 2020, with the support of Viber, the Institute launched «‎School_info»‎ educational community with accessible and clear guidelines about education in the period of the pandemic. With the beginning of the school season, the Institute’s team noticed a lot of information rapidly changing in educational field, thus, causing confusion. Therefore, the decision was made to create a community for parents where they could receive trustworthy information directly in the Viber messenger about the operation of Ukrainian schools in the period of pandemic.

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The main goal of the project is to create a trustworthy source of information for parents, teachers and students in the educational field during COVID-19.

According to representatives of the Institute, in times of coronavirus, people are in even greater need of verified information. To meet this demand, the School Info community was created.

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A separate visual color is used for each section in the «‎School_info»‎ community. Blue for educational news, orange for teachers recommendations, green – recommendations for parents, red – stopfake.

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The Institute of Cognitive Modeling, supported by Viber, has also developed a School Chat thematic sticker pack, which helps to facilitate communication in school chats.

School Chat thematic sticker pack presents the most common phrases from school life, including «What is our homework?», «You are not listening to me at all!», «May I go out?», «Who knows the schedule?». Furthermore, stickers might help students, teachers and parents apologize for being late and subtly inform about money collection.

You can download the stickers at this link.

«School_info» community during the war in Ukraine

In the first days of Russia’s war against Ukraine, «School_info» launched an educational initiative for schoolchildren, when the children went on forced «vacations» and instead of studying, spent days and nights in shelters.

Initially, a temporary syllabus for Primary School students was developed together with the «Basis» School. It contained assignments in English, mathematics, logic, spelling, science, reading, physical education. Every day, according to the schedule, students received assignments and took lessons.

Subsequently, in partnership with Modern School, the learning process for students of grades 5-9 has been launched.

Together with the «11-A» Educational Center, the Institute of Cognitive Modeling launched optional classes for high school students that helped prepare for National Multisubject Testing and expand their horizons during the war.

A separate area in the community focuses on internally displaced persons from Ukraine who moved to Europe and need to resume the educational process for their children abroad. The task of «School_info» is to help people go through this adaptation process and provide them with the necessary information.

Channel content during the war

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