Social project of psychological assistance «Teachers_info»

In November 2022, the Institute of Cognitive Modeling, supported by the US Embassy in Ukraine, launched a social project to provide practical psychological assistance and free lectures to teachers of Ukrainian secondary schools «Teachers_info».

The project was a response to new challenges in the educational environment due to the war.

Aims of the project:

Support the emotional stability of teachers, create the right atmosphere during lessons so that children can learn effectively, and feel emotionally supported.

The project team consists of experienced psychologists, experts in pedagogical psychology and in providing psychosocial assistance to children, parents and teachers.

The project also helps fathers and mothers build healthy relationships with their children, and improve their learning process and emotional state.

Online lectures and group webinars for teachers and parents are announced and posted on the Telegram channel «Teachers_info». Provided psychological recommendations in the form of instructions, infographics and short texts are also published on the educational Viber channel «School_info» and on the resource «Psychological support» (in Viber and Telegram).