«Tell me» online psychological support platform

In connection with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, in May 2020, the Institute of Cognitive Modeling with the support of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Red Cross of Ukraine launched a free online psychological support platform «Tell me».

How does the platform operate?

Online platform team practices cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which is one of the most wide-spread forms of psychotherapeutic care for people with various psychological issues.

The main stages of the campaign:

  1. Launch of the online platform «Tell me», where anyone can apply for free psychological help provided by volunteer psychologists.
  2. Launch of an all-Ukrainian information campaign (outdoor and digital).
  3. Creation of resources «Psychological support» in Viber and Telegram providing psychological advice.
  4. Development and launch of the «Friend» chatbot together with the Department of Medical Psychology, Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy to provide recommendations on how to deal with extremely difficult episodes.

Results for the first year of work:

  •   10,000 applications received and more than 23,000 consultation hours conducted.
  •   Almost 500 psychologists expressed their desire to join the project.
  •   500 requests for psychological help were received from citizens of Belarus after the protests in August 2020.
  •   Platform experts advised entrepreneurs on the website Diia.
  •   In the first 5 months of the launch of the information campaign, it has reached more than 15 million people.
  •   The case «Tell me: coronavirus as a chance» became a finalist in the marketing communications award Effie Awards Ukraine 2020. 

Psychological support platform «Tell me» during the war:

  • 630 psychologists are involved in the project (330 since the beginning of the war)
  • During the project, 23,000 applications were completed (6,000 since the beginning of the war)
  • Since the beginning of the war, more than 40,000 people have used the «Friend» chatbot, and it is now available in Ukrainian and English.

The team

The project team consists of highly qualified volunteers — psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and clinical psychologists. Over the 2 years of the platform’s existence, the ICM has managed to form a community where volunteer specialists improve their skills: attend interviews and supervisions, thematic webinars, exchange experience with other project participants.

Channel «Psychological support» during the war

Since the beginning of the war, the channel «Psychological support» has become a source of useful longreads for refugees, for people who are experiencing loss, are depressed, cannot realize what is going on, cannot cope with the situation. All materials were developed by qualified psychologists.

>500 000 subscribers

>33 000 subscribers

Creating content for the channel during the war

Social media of the project