1 500 hours of free psychological counseling: work results of the «Tell me» platform during the war

Five days ago, the Institute of Cognitive Modeling, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, and the Office of the President of Ukraine teamed up to help Ukrainians receive prompt psychological assistance during the war. During this time, a record number of applications were sent and processed

About 200 new volunteer psychologists and 1 500 processed applications: these are the first work results of the free psychological assistance platform «Tell me». Five days ago, the Institute of Cognitive Modeling made the platform available 24/7. In times of war, it is critically important to counteract anxiety to preserve life and health.

During this time, about 200 qualified psychologists have expressed a desire to join the project: now more than 500 specialists are providing psychological assistance. In 5 days, they have already processed 1,500 applications. The platform now not only operates 24/7 but also the age limit was lifted, meaning that underage Ukrainians can also apply for help.

If you are experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, or signs of depression, please visit the «Tell me» platform, leave a request, and wait for our specialist to contact you as soon as possible.

We remind you that to get help, you just need to briefly describe your request and leave it on the site tellme.com.ua.

Upon your request, the platform’s moderators will select a specialist who will contact you as soon as possible. Consultations are held online and are free of charge.

The First Aid bot, which the team of the Institute of Cognitive Modeling developed together with the Department of Medical Psychology, Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy and specialists of the Friend Project. During one week, more than 30 thousand Ukrainians signed up for it.

This is an effective tool based on modern protocols and scientific research. The First Aid bot is an easy-to-use Assistant, always within reach, and can help in the first hours after a traumatic event. It also contains recommendations on how not to harm your psychological health.

Additional info:

«Tell me» is a free online platform for psychological assistance. It was founded at the beginning of the pandemic to help Ukrainians who were experiencing anxiety or a tendency to depression because of having COVID or events related to its spread.

Subsequently, the platform’s specialists began to assist Belarusians affected by the regime in 2021, and later the psychological aid service «It seems» for the victims of domestic violence appeared.

For almost 2 years of work, the platform experts have provided more than 30 thousand hours of free consultations. About 500 volunteers are working on the platform – psychologists and psychotherapists. Now they are ready to work with Ukrainians 24/7.