780 thousand people signed up for the Ukrainian community «School_info» on the first day

The Institute of Cognitive Modeling, together with the Viber messenger office, recently launched the «School_info» community, which publishes information about the education process during the pandemic. On the first day, more than 780 thousand participants signed up for the community.

The initiators of the project say that the idea of creating «School_info» did not arise by chance, because the pandemic has a large request for reliable information, and 780 thousand subscribers in one day only prove that.

«With the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, our team launched the «Coronavirus_info» project with an audience of more than 3 million Ukrainians on Viber and Telegram. This was a response to a call to get reliable information about the virus and fight fakes. Since the beginning of the school season, we have seen a similar challenge in the field of education. There was a lot of information; it changed quickly, producing a lot of confusion. Does training start or not? Will it be online or offline? Will the school be closed? Therefore, we have created a community so that parents receive reliable information about the work of Ukrainian schools during the pandemic directly in the Viber messenger,» said Viktor Berezenko, founder of the Institute of Cognitive Modeling.

He stressed that the number of subscribers on the first day reached 780 thousand, which is already a success and proves the relevance of the project and the interest of Ukrainians in this topic. «In the future, we plan to strengthen the fight against fakes in other areas,» Berezenko added. 

Svitlana Paveletska, CEO of the Institute of Cognitive Modeling, said: «As a mother of a second-grader, I understand how difficult it is to find clear information about training. To make life easier for parents, we decided to create a «School_info» community. Here you can find educational news, recommendations from teachers, and tips for parents. Basically, everything you need to know about pandemic training is in one community. Simple and affordable, without unnecessary bureaucracy and difficulties.»

Paveletska also stressed that the Institute of Cognitive Modeling is currently negotiating with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to establish effective work on the project and strengthen communication in the field of education. «Thus, subscribers of «School info» will be able to receive information verified by the Ministry of Education and Science on their smartphone,» she said. 

The community also publishes other educational news and recommendations for parents and students. For easier navigation, each category is assigned a separate color: blue visuals show that posts will tell about important innovations, orange visuals will accompany advice from teachers, green are recommendations for parents, and red is for the refutation of fake news.

To join the community, follow the link: https://vb.me/school_info.

The Institute of Cognitive Modeling provides communication support to the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. In partnership with Facebook, the information campaign on the coronavirus pandemic covered 15 million Ukrainians, and in cooperation with Google 6.7 million. ICM has created the largest Viber and Telegram community «Coronavirus_info», which has 3.5 million followers. The Institute also launched the #zalyshaysiasvidomym information campaign, created the national platform for a free psychological support «Tell me» and the Viber community «School_info».