«Europe Day For Ukraine»: a march and charity concert in Brussels

On May 8, 2022, on Europe Day in Ukraine, there was a march through the main streets of Brussels and a charity concert near the European Parliament, supporting Ukraine.

More than 2,500 participants took part in the event, and almost 22,000 euros were collected for charitable assistance to Ukraine.

Ukrainians and Europeans came out with flags and slogans «‎Ukraine is Europe», «‎Stop Russian Gas», «‎Be Brave – Like Ukraine», and «‎Ukraine Needs Europe».

Belgian, as well as Ukrainian performers and stars joined the charity concert, including the soloist of Go_A group, Kateryna Pavlenko. Ukrainian culinary expert, Evhen Klopotenko, cooked 500 liters of borsch and varenyky.

The event EUROPE DAY FOR UKRAINE became a demonstration of the unity of the European society with Ukraine and its courageous and indestructible people, fighting for the peace and calmness of all Europe, for the fundamental values of freedom and democracy. Europe together with Ukraine, we are strong, united and invincible.

The event was organized by the international non-profit organization Promote Ukraine in partnership with the OUB – Association of Ukrainian Women in Belgium, Quartier Leopold, London brasserie, LUX/BXL and the Institute for Global Transformation.