Facebook: The ICM’s COVID-19 campaign has reached more than 15,000,000 Ukrainians

The Institute of Cognitive Modeling (ICM), which provides communication support to the Ministry of Health, announced that it would provide important information about the COVID-19 pandemic to more than 15 million people in Ukraine thanks to Facebook. 

The Institute has been using social networks to inform the population of Ukraine about health issues since the very beginning of the pandemic. Viktor Berezenko, the co-founder of ICM, emphasized the huge scale of the campaign: «The total coverage of the information campaigns developed by us for the Ministry of Health of Ukraine reaches more than 15 million Facebook users. Given the importance and taking into account the specifics of the project, we were able to achieve incredible results.»

Facebook, which provides free advertising for the platform to ensure sufficient audience reach, as well as its operational support, emphasizes the importance of communicating truthful information to people during a pandemic.

«We are convinced that providing people with reliable and reputable information about the virus is critical to limiting the negative impact of the pandemic. Therefore, we support the work of the global health community to ensure the safety and awareness of people during the coronavirus crisis. We are glad that we were able to help Ukraine during this difficult time,» said Oskar Braszczynski, Facebook’s manager of Government and Policy Relations in Central and Eastern Europe.

ICM CEO Svitlana Paveletska also thanked Facebook for its help in spreading important messages among Ukrainians: «We are grateful to our Facebook partners for their support, especially at the beginning of the pandemic. The fact that we managed to avoid total panic and convey relevant information to people is our common success.»