He just wanted to draw attention and didn’t intend to stage a terrorist attack: psychiatrist Spartak Subbota commented on the behavior of the terrorist who seized the Cabinet of Ministers

A pseudo-terrorist who seeks to attract attention to himself. Psychiatrist, psychotherapist and scientific director of the Institute of Cognitive Modeling Spartak Subbota gave this assessment of the behavior of the man who threatened to bomb the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on August 4.

«Usually people take such radical actions when they believe that their problems are not their fault, but someone else. In this case, these are power structures. Such beliefs were likely influenced by the traumatic experience of serving in the ATO.»

Describing the behavior of the offender, we can say that he does not fully understand his situation or the state’s, as well as the state, and what exactly he is trying to change by threatening to blow up the government building.

«It is very noticeable that a man is in strong emotional arousal because what he is talking about is devoid of any logical connection. First, he does not let people into the Cabinet of Ministers, and then he declares that he will go to prison for 10 years anyway.»

Given these features, the psychiatrist considers several main reasons for the actions of a pseudo-terrorist.

«We can assume that the man had certain mental illnesses, from bipolar disorder to paranoid schizophrenia. Another reason may be a significant emotional experience of events taking place in the country, a lack of a sense of confidence and stability. And the third and quite common reason among pseudo-terrorists is a simple desire to attract attention.»

When committing any illegal actions that restrict the rights and freedoms of others, one should be aware of the consequences. For such pseudo-terrorists, even if there are no victims, this is detention in prison. Very often, problems that are associated with emotional instability, anxiety, and aggression can be solved if they are noticed in time and contacted by a psychologist. Fortunately, there are now many platforms that provide free psychological counseling.

As previously reported, on the morning of August 4, a man entered the building of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with a live grenade and threatened to blow it up, taking several hostages. Law enforcement officers launched a special operation, the man was detained, and no one was injured.