The ICM representative office in Brussels launches digest of news on the situation in Ukraine for the international community

The ICM (Institute of Cognitive Modeling) representative office in Brussels is launching a news digest to promptly and fully inform representatives of the international press, as well as international institutions, about the situation in Ukraine.

Every day we will send a full report on the progress of the Russian-Ukrainian war and, if necessary, we are ready to provide additional analytical data.

«What tomorrow will be for Ukraine, Europe and the whole world, depends, first of all, on the actions of the Ukrainian army. However, the information agenda remains extremely important. Today, together with the ICM office in Brussels, we can do what we know best – provide complete and reliable information to our partners from abroad, journalists, and international institutions about what is really happening in Ukraine. Let the world know more,» says Viktor Berezenko, founder of ICM.

If you know journalists who need prompt and reliable information about the situation in Ukraine, please contact us: [email protected].

The Institute of Cognitive Modeling is a research company that deals with social technologies and works in the field of Social Communications. ICM experts provide advice on strategic image formation, public positioning, and digital technologies.

In December 2021, ICM opened its representative office in Brussels with its headquarters in Kyiv.

The Institute’s cases include communication support for the Ministry of Health of Ukraine during the COVID-19 pandemic, the pro bono Project «Coronavirus_info» with communities in Viber and Telegram, communication support for the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, online psychological support platform «Tell me» and platform for victims of domestic violence «It seems», Viber community «School_info» and others.