The Institute of Cognitive Modeling, together with the Parimatch Foundation, has launched a project to provide psychological support to children suffering from stress due to military operations in Ukraine

A therapeutic art coloring book is an initiative created with the participation of the Institute of Cognitive Modeling and the International Charitable Foundation Parimatch Foundation in Ukraine. The coloring book was developed according to the author’s method of Victoria Nazarevich, a practicing psychologist with 25 years of experience working with children, a professor, candidate of psychological sciences and expert in child psychology in the field of creative therapy.

Therapeutic coloring consists of a set of exercises based on art therapy and fairy-tale therapy techniques. These techniques have proven to be effective and can significantly improve the psychological well-being of a child who is under stress or overcome by negative emotions. It is based on the principles of play therapy. These components allow parents to provide psychological assistance to their child independently when it is not possible to access the appropriate specialist.

The coloring book can be downloaded for free on the Parimatch Foundation website. It consists of 10 tasks, each of which is aimed at overcoming a certain emotion or psychological state. All exercises should be performed accompanied by adults — for psychological support of the child and to receive feedback from him. Thanks to the video guides provided on the web page, parents can always find out which section of the coloring book is most appropriate for a certain state of the child or in the conditions in which he is.

It is noteworthy that since 2020, the Institute of Cognitive Modeling has been developing the project «Psychological support» – a community in Viber and Telegram that contains tips, life hacks, and useful links that help to overcome psychological difficulties. Also recently, ICM presented a social project of psychological assistance to teachers «Teachers_info».