The Institute of Cognitive Modeling has developed a module on public communications for the educational program «GR specialist» at the Kyiv School of Economics

The Kyiv School of Economics presented the certification program of advanced training «Specialist in interaction with the Authorities (GR)». As part of the program, Viktor Berezenko, founder of the Institute for cognitive modeling, will teach a module on public communications.

During the lectures and workshops, the founder of the ICM, Viktor Berezenko will share with the students his experience regarding tools and technologies for building effective interaction with the authorities on the example of public cases of the Institute of Cognitive Modeling.

«When we talk about public communication with the authorities, the first associations that come to mind are complexity, obsolescence, closeness, and lack of trust. Instead, we will talk not only about a reactive but also about a proactive position, about how to build systematic work in public communication. During the course, we will analyze specific public cases of successful cooperation between public authorities, private companies, and businesses. The module will have a minimum of theory and a maximum of practice,» Berezenko says.

The social technologist will also talk about the role of public opinion and mass trends, strategies, and crisis communications.

«We are only developing a culture of public communications. Public authorities and the system of state communications are not always able to respond to modern challenges. This inert system with remnants of the Soviet past is so outdated. Instead, the Institute of Cognitive Modeling’s portfolio includes a bunch of experience in building successful public products. To unite business, the public sector, and the state, build a system, and ensure effective communication for a multi-million audience, we will share this knowledge with our listeners,» Berezenko emphasizes.

The Educational and Analytical Center for Interaction with the Authorities (GR) at the Kyiv School of Economics was established with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation and the Institute of Cognitive Modeling.

The mission of the Center is to create opportunities for commercial (private and public) companies, as well as public and professional associations, to dominate or improve the skills of representing their interests in state structures.

For more information about the Center, please visit the KSE website.