The Institute of Cognitive Modeling has launched a Viber sticker pack «Daily life of an EIT student» for the «School_info» community

The Institute of Cognitive Modeling, with the support of Viber, has developed a thematic sticker pack «Daily life of an EIT student», which will simplify communication in chats and will be useful for everyone who is preparing for the EIT.

The sticker pack contains popular phrases used by graduates, their parents and teachers, and youth slang. Also among the stickers, there are references to famous Ukrainian writers, such as Taras Shevchenko, Ivan Kotlyarevsky, and Ivan Franko.

«News, courses, and other relevant information are important, but we should also follow trends. Everybody uses stickers today because they significantly save time and make communication more lively. Stickers are a very popular story in school chats, and I personally, as a second grader’s mother, know about it a lot,» said Svitlana Paveletska, CEO of the Institute of Cognitive Modeling.

The sticker pack can be downloaded here for free:

In November 2020, ICM released a sticker pack «School chat», which used the most common expressions from school life, in particular, «What’s our homework?», «You don’t listen to me at all!» and «Can I get out?». 515,159 people used the pack.

The sticker pack can be downloaded here:


«School_info» is the largest educational Viber community in Ukraine. The channel publishes news on education, recommendations for parents, and information about courses and promotions, as well as conducts surveys on important topics. You can join the community here:


The Institute of Cognitive Modeling provides communication support to the Ministry of Digital Transformation. Together with Facebook, a joint information campaign on the pandemic covered 15 million Ukrainians, and in cooperation with Google – 6.7 million. ICM has created the largest in Ukraine and the fourth in the world community in Viber and Telegram «Coronavirus_info» with 3.5 million subscribers. The Institute also launched a national platform with free psychological support «Tell me» and an online diary «It seems», where victims of domestic violence can tell their story anonymously.