The Institute of Cognitive Modeling has launched a Viber sticker pack «School chat» for the community «School_info»

The Institute of Cognitive Modeling, with the support of Viber, has developed a thematic sticker pack «School chat», which will simplify communication in school chats.

The school chat sticker pack contains the most common phrases from school life, in particular, «What is our homework?», «You don’t listen to me at all!», «May I go out?», «Who knows the schedule?». Also, with the help of stickers, students, teachers, and parents will be able to apologize for being late and delicately inform about fundraising needs.

You can download free stickers here:

Recently, the Institute of Cognitive Modeling, with the support of Viber, launched the educational community «School_info», with information about learning during the pandemic. On the first day, more than 780 thousand people joined the community.

You can join the «School_info» community here:

The Institute of Cognitive Modeling provides communication support to the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. In partnership with Facebook, the information campaign on the coronavirus pandemic covered 15 million Ukrainians, and in cooperation with Google 6.7 million. ICM has created the largest Viber and Telegram community «Coronavirus_info», which has 3.5 million followers. The Institute also launched the #zalyshaysiasvidomym information campaign, created the national platform for a free psychological support «Tell me» and the Viber community «School_info».