The Institute of Cognitive Modeling presented the festive digital campaign «Quarantine New Year»

For the first time, the Institute of Cognitive Modeling created its own New Year’s digital special project «Quarantine New Year» by launching fan activities for users of social networks.

Followers of ICM on Facebook and Instagram were asked to go through the usual stages of preparation for the celebration of the New Year but in an online format.

The first step is preparing gifts. Users were advised to make holiday shopping online using ICM’s selection of online gifts that are safe to choose and present. By the way, one of these gifts – an annual subscription to Netflix – was a News Year’s giveaway on the ICM Instagram page.

To help followers warmly and non-trivially congratulate colleagues and friends, the Institute’s team prepared several postcards with references for 2020, and for the holiday, developed posts with tips on what to watch on Ukrainian YouTube and what games to choose for a Zoom party.

For travelers who decided to celebrate the New Year at home due to the pandemic, ICM prepared a selection of interesting locations that can be «visited» via webcams.

The Institute’s team also created an Instagram mask «Party_hard» according to the latest Instagram trends. The mask will lift your mood and even in self-isolation will help you celebrate the New Year in the best family traditions.

The team of the Institute of Cognitive Modeling itself became part of the «Quarantine New Year» campaign. In a series of New Year’s videos, ICM members congratulated subscribers on 2021.

Facebook Instagrammed 

All the Institute’s New Year’s Eve publications can be seen on FB and IG under hashtag #Sviatkui_z_ICM (#Святкуй_з_ІКМ).