The Institute of Cognitive Modeling has started cooperation with the KYIV ACADEMY OF MEDIA ARTS

The companies will cooperate in the areas of education, communications, and strategy. This was stated on the official Facebook page of the Institute of Cognitive Modeling.

Currently, KAMA students have developed variants of a new visual identity for ICM as a task. In the future, there are plans to provide the best students with internships and job opportunities at the Institute of Cognitive Modeling.

«At ICM, we believe that systematic work overcomes creativity. Not because we underestimate creativity. Creativity is an essential element of building any project, but to achieve the goal, you need to support it with technological tools. We were pleasantly surprised by the students’ ideas, and some of them will be implemented in the future. We hope that we also helped them to send their creativity in an effective direction,» commented Tetiana Serova, head of the creative group of ICM.

The Institute of Cognitive Modeling ( is a research company that deals with social technologies and provides services in the field of social communications. Among the Institute’s clients and partners are the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, KSE, the Red Cross, the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, La Strada, etc.

Among the ongoing cases of ICM:

  • «Coronavirus_info» community in Viber and Telegram, which has become the largest in Ukraine (more than 3 million followers), a group of satellite channels: «Corona Kyiv», «Psychological support», «Virus stories» and «Coronavirus in numbers»;
  • free psychological support platform;
  • educational community «School_info» in Viber (more than 800,000 subscribers).

KYIV ACADEMY OF MEDIA ARTS (KAMA) is a leading alternative educational institution in Ukraine dedicated to teaching creative professions (advertising and marketing, graphic and interactive design, filmmaking, contemporary art, Fashion, literature, and journalism).