The Institute of Cognitive Modeling with the support of Viber has launched the Ukrainian educational community «School info»

ICM, together with the Viber messenger, has created the «School info» community, which will publish relevant information on education for parents, teachers, and students. 

The community will regularly publish educational news, tips for parents, infographics, and refutations of myths in education. For easier navigation, each category is assigned a separate color: blue visuals show that posts will tell about important innovations, orange visuals will accompany advice from teachers, green are recommendations for parents, and red is for the refutation of fake news.

Also, «School info» will publish surveys on important topics. Afterward, subscribers will receive a nice bonus – a themed sticker pack that can help to apologize for being late and delicately inform about the school’s fundraising.

To join the community, follow the link: 

The Institute of Cognitive Modeling is a research company dedicated to social technologies, providing a full range of solutions for social communication. 

Among the cases of the Institute is the creation of the community «Coronavirus_info» in Viber, which in three days became the largest in Ukraine (more than 3 million subscribers). ICM also manages a group of satellite channels: «Corona Kyiv», «Psychological support», «Virus stories» and «Coronavirus in numbers».