«School_info» community launches an educational initiative for elementary school students

The war continues for the fifth day in Ukraine. The children went on forced «vacations», and instead of studying at their desks, they are in shelters. The largest Viber educational community in Ukraine, «School_info», is launching an educational initiative under martial law.

The Institute of Cognitive Modeling together with the Basis School developed a temporary study plan. It contains tasks in English, mathematics, logic, literacy, science, reading, and physical education.

Every day we will post tasks for students in grades 1 to 4, so that forced «holidays» do not interfere with their development and education. Please follow our agenda and news. Next week, we plan to launch tasks for students in grades 5 to 6 as well.

Peace will definitely come, and our children will return to their desks. We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we believe in Ukraine!

«School_info» is the largest Viber educational community in Ukraine. Now more than 400 thousand people subscribe to the public. The community publishes current educational news, psychological advice for parents and teachers, materials for UPE, and others.