Scientific director of the Institute of Cognitive Modeling Spartak Subbota is preparing a book about violence

The scientific director of the Institute of Cognitive Modeling, psychiatrist Spartak Subbota, is writing his first book on domestic violence. It will be published this year by the publishing house «Vikhola».

Domestic violence is one of the most painful issues in Ukraine. How does a person fall under the influence of an abuser? Is the perpetrator always aware of his actions? How to break out of the vicious circle? Can violence be prevented? How can we help those who have suffered from violent acts?

Spartak Subbota will share examples from his psychotherapy practice and analyze the nature of all types of violence: from physical to economic, analyze possible causes and will speak on how to cultivate skills of assertiveness, such as the ability to defend your boundaries without harming the environment.

«In Ukrainian society, the Soviet attitude to any manifestations of domestic violence has been preserved. Remember those typical phrases «beats – means loves», «it’s your fault» or the acceptability of the fact that children can be physically punished. Someone is used to enduring, and someone does not realize that financial control is also violence. In a world where there are so many challenges and opportunities, the worst thing a person can do is to continue living in a circle of violence. Awareness of the problem and the formation of zero tolerance of society to domestic violence is one of the most important steps toward its solution. I am convinced that freedom is the most important human right, and everyone should always have the right to choose. I hope that my book will help someone make this choice,» the author says.

The publication of the book is part of a large-scale social campaign to combat domestic violence, which the Institute of Cognitive Modeling soon will launch together with partners. 

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