Start a New Year without domestic violence: on the eve of the holidays, Ukrainian stars had taken part in the social project #NeZdaietsia

Starlight Media and the Institute of Cognitive Modeling (ICM), with the support of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine, have launched a campaign to combat domestic violence – #NeZdayetsia. The stars of the media group joined the project, which voices an important goal – to leave the problem of violence in the past.

Approximately 2 million people in Ukraine suffer from domestic violence. This problem is systemic and gains new proportions every year during the New Year holidays – these are the days of the biggest number of calls for help from victims. The #NeZdayetsia campaign has combined 10 videos in which presenters read real stories of victims of domestic violence, encourage them to start a new year with a new, bright page and ask for help.

These stories were posted by people on the anonymous platform «It seems», founded by ICM almost a year ago as part of a campaign to combat domestic violence. The project’s ambassador is Masha Efrosinina, a TV presenter and Honorary Ambassador of the United Nations Population Fund. She also became an image of the #NeZdayetsia digital campaign.

«New year’s holidays are a moment of dreaming, making wishes and hoping for positive changes. Right now, millions of Ukrainians can start a new bright page of their lives – without violence,» says Masha Efrosinina. «For 9 months after launching our «It seems» platform, almost 500 anonymous stories were received. Long, frank, extremely complex, and sometimes really creepy. Together with my colleagues, we read just a few of these anonymous stories publicly. We do it to support the victims, to show that they are not alone in their problem, to remind them where they can ask for help – this is exactly the goal we set for ourselves in this campaign.»

Starlight Media presenters Nadiia Matveeva, Nataliia Yezhova, Pavlo Kostitsyn, Sergiy Kostyra, Yuliia Zorii, Maryna Borzhemska, Yana Brenzei and journalist and blogger Ramina Eshakzai became the faces and important voices of the campaign.

For almost a year of the educational campaign «It seems», the Institute of Cognitive Modeling launched an anonymous «It seems» diary, a free psychological assistance service on the «Tell me» platform, a Stop Abuse Ukraine Viber channel, as well as spread information posters all over Ukraine. Cooperation with Starlight Media is another important step in the campaign, says Viktor Berezenko, founder of ICM.

«We see noticeable results of systematic work: victims have become less afraid and are seeking help more. This is a difficult path, but it would have been even more difficult if not for reliable partners and caring influencers. Great respect for stars who direct their popularity to draw public attention to this sore point. With this video project, we want to reach out to the victims and help them move forward with the solution of this problem, turn this page and really start a new life in the New Year,» stress the founder of ICM.

Filming took place on the last day of the world action «16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence», on International Human Rights Day (December 10). This is a symbolic manifestation of the key idea – countering domestic violence requires systematic work and regular involvement of all concerned parties.

Oleksandr Bogutskyi, CEO of Starlight Media: «We must change our attitude to the facts and stories about silencing domestic violence. The problem that harms millions of people concerns everyone. Thank you to everyone who dares to talk about their own experience and those who use their voice in support of the victims. As a media group, we will continue to invest our information resources in changing the culture of partner relationships, respect for Human Rights, and zero tolerance for violence. We are excited to join forces with our partners in the #NeZdayetsia campaign and hope that thanks to it, the dream of a life free of violence will come true for many people.»

Maxym Dotsenko, Director General of the National Committee of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine: «Domestic violence is a large-scale problem in the country, and has become particularly acute during the COVID-19 pandemic. Victims rarely talk about domestic violence and are afraid to seek help. That is why the Red Cross of Ukraine continues to support the all-Ukrainian campaign «It seems» because it is impossible to remain silent about domestic violence, and because dignity and respect for a person are above all else.»

All videos will be published within two weeks on New Year’s Eve on the resources of the Starlight Media Group.

The teaser of the project is available here: 


IF YOU SUFFER FROM DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND NEED HELP an online platform where you can get three free psychological consultations. an online platform where you can anonymously tell your story of violence.


102 – National Police of Ukraine

15 47 – free 24/7 hotline for the victims of domestic violence

116 123 (from mobile) and 0 800 500 335 (from landline) – free national hotline for the prevention of domestic violence, La Strada Ukraine

116 111 (from mobile) and 0 800 500 225 (from landline) – free national hotline for children, La Strada Ukraine

0 800 213 103 – 24/7 hotline for free legal aid