Тhe project «Tell Me» provides an opportunity to get free psychological consultations

Ukrainians, who suffered during the war, were under occupation, or experienced horrors as a result of military actions can receive free psychological consultations on the «Tell Me» platform.

A special team of psychologists who have received additional training under the international protocols of the mhGAP program for the elimination of mental health problems (developed with the participation of the World Health Organization) will help in this process.

The war has had a tremendous negative impact on the mental health of Ukrainians. According to the Ministry of Health, at least one in five Ukrainians will experience negative mental health effects due to the war, and one in ten will experience these effects at the level of moderate or severe illness. According to the forecasts of the Ministry of Health, almost 15 million Ukrainians will need psychological support because of the war.

«A lot has already been said about the impact of war on the psyche. But this is not enough. This is a global problem, a time bomb, the scale of which not everyone is aware. Together with UNDP and professional psychologists, we will make every effort to minimize the harm from this catastrophe.

If you feel that your psychological state is not «ok», please do not hesitate. When it is hard and painful, closing in on yourself is not an option. We can and should work on this to return to normal life,» said Viktor Berezenko, founder of the Institute of Cognitive Modeling.

To receive a free psychological consultation, you have to:

– go to the «Tell me» platform website and click on the «Ask for help» button;

– fill out a short questionnaire (confidentiality guaranteed);

– briefly describe your request and choose a comfortable date for the session.

Platform moderators will select a specialist, and he will contact the client as soon as possible. Consultations are free and held online.

The project «Providing free psychological consultations to people who were under occupation/affected during the war», based on the already existing all-Ukrainian multi-format project «Tell me», is being implemented by the NGO «Institute of Cognitive Modeling» within the framework of the UNDP project «EU for Dialogue: Strengthening Ukraine’s resilience to response for the urgent needs of the central and local authorities, as well as the population that suffered as a result of the war» with the financial support of the European Union (EU).


Additional info:

«Tell me» is a multi-format project of the Institute of Cognitive Modeling aimed to provide basic free psychological assistance to Ukrainians. The project has been implemented for the last 3 years and includes:

– an online platform for free psychological assistance (https://tellme.com.ua);

– channels «Psychological support» in Viber and Telegram, where psychological recommendations for Ukrainians are published daily in text and visual formats with an emphasis on overcoming wartime mental problems.