Teachers_info: a social project of psychological support to the teachers has been launched in Ukraine

The Institute of Cognitive Modeling is launching a project to provide practical psychological advice and free lectures to teachers of Ukrainian secondary schools.

The educational process during the war requires teachers to have specific skills to preserve their emotional resources. A good resourceful state of a teacher leads to a healthy relationship with students, helps to create an interesting and effective educational process, and allows being effective during interaction with students and their families. Therefore, ICM decided to launch a project where teachers will receive important knowledge on basic psychosocial care. The project’s lecturers are experienced practical psychologists, art therapists, and experts in pedagogical psychology.

«Taking care of teachers is taking care of children. The emotional state of teachers directly affects children, because they spend a lot of time together. That is why psychological support for Ukrainian teachers is extremely important in war conditions. This is the area of work that we can and know how to do. For the third year, we have been systematically engaged in psychological assistance to Ukrainians and strengthened the project since the beginning of the war, gradually expanding it to different directions. Now it is an educational niche,» says Viktor Berezenko, co-founder of ICM.

The Institute of Cognitive Modeling launched a project for teachers in November 2022.

In particular, the project participants will receive lectures on the following topics:

  • Creation of the teacher’s emotional balance: how to protect mental health in the face of uncertainty and war.
  • Organization of supportive interaction in children’s groups: how to build relationships with children during online and offline training in wartime.
  • Basic rules for working with children in wartime: how to help children cope with anxiety; how to talk to children about difficult situations.
  • Overcoming anxiety manifestations and fears in the educational space: how to act in difficult situations for a teacher when aggression, bullying, and violence increase.
  • Psycho-pedagogical techniques of working with war children (art therapy, fairy tales, etc.).
  • Teacher communication during the war with elementary school students and teenagers: the main differences, psychological techniques, etc.

Online lectures and group webinars for teachers and parents are announced and posted on the Telegram channel «Teachers_info» (https://t.me/teachers_info). The provided psychological recommendations in the form of instructions, infographics, and short texts will also be published on the educational Viber channel «School_info» and on the channels «Psychological support» (in Viber and Telegram).

You can suggest topics/questions for lecturers by filling out the form:


Additional info:

«Psychological support» is a community of psychological assistance in Viber and Telegram with tips, life hacks, useful links that help to cope with psychological difficulties.

«School_info» is an all-Ukrainian educational public: news, EIT, regulatory changes and online lessons during the war.

* The project is supported by the US Embassy in Ukraine. The views of the participants of the program/project/event do not necessarily coincide with the official position of the US government.