From the Cossack Viche to modern democracy: the Institute of Cognitive Modeling has launched a special project on the cyclical nature of the history of Ukraine

History is cyclical. It is full of secrets, but also rich in unchanging and fundamental constants: the originally aggressive country centuries later has not become a peacemaker, and hand hygiene, introduced into medicine in the 19th century, still serves as the basis of the foundations in medical practice and everyday life.

If once the invention of hand hygiene saved millions of lives, today humanity modifies the gene that allows generations to be born healthy. History is the best teacher, and anyone who knows the art of recognizing the laws of its cyclicity, is armed for all occasions and can deservedly be called a diplomat, a strategist, and can understand the psychology of people.

The Institute of Cognitive Modeling has launched a special project dedicated to the main achievements, events, and important discoveries of independent Ukraine in historical retrospect. After all, the face of the state is primarily people, peoples, and their achievements in science, politics, sports, and art.

The invention of a liquid scalpel and a phasagraph, a kinescope and rays that formed the basis of the modern «X-ray», the design of a tram and the first helicopter, the first space flight, the strongest people on the planet and mighty athletes, Cossacks and kobzars, peaceful revolutionaries, world known craftswomen, the first computer in continental Europe and much more. All this is about the Ukrainians and thanks to the Ukrainians. The indisputable fact is the genius, freedom-loving, and originality of our people, whose representatives do their work conscientiously every day: behind a microscope in the laboratory, in camouflage on the battlefield, with a scalpel in the hospital, or with a pointer in their hand at school. And every day they prove the veracity of the proverb that the Cossack Nation has no end.

30 years of independence flew by like a flash and enriched our history with a considerable number of new phenomena. If we slow down a little and analyze, we will see that the events of previous centuries have become not only a booster of historical processes – the echo of centuries is the guide of the present. This hypothesis formed the basis of the project.

ICM founder Dmytro Tsarenko: «On the project’s website, we were not only able to tell about 30 outstanding achievements of Ukrainians over 30 years of independence, but also proved that history is cyclical. It is the understanding of cyclical patterns, the focus on progress, and respect for the past that teach us how to behave in the future. We hope that our country will only multiply its achievements, and every year we will be able to replenish the national treasury of victories already collected by our Institute.»


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