The Kremlin’s massive propaganda machine no longer works: Viktor Berezenko, founder of ICM

On March 9, 2022, the ICM office in Brussels organized an online event «How to win the disinformation war in Ukraine». More than 500 participants from all over the world attended it.

Ukraine has already won on the information front thanks to the dedication of every Ukrainian. Every day our country destroys Russian propaganda fakes. IСM founder Viktor Berezenko became one of the speakers at the event.

His key theses:

1) Ukraine’s effective use of social media plays an important role in the disinformation struggle.

2) Thanks to cooperation with Meta, Google, and Twitter, it became possible to quickly limit disinformation messages. This was especially true for Russian state media.

3) International media play the role of an independent intermediary in the information war. Representatives of the Ukrainian media community were able to create platforms for daily informing their Western colleagues about the real situation in Ukraine.

«Our Brussels office creates a daily digest on the war in Ukraine for international media in English with real statistics, graphs, and compilations of truth/lies,» Viktor Berezenko said.

The event was organized together with The German Marshall Fund of the United States, Alliance for securing democracy, and the Institute For Global Transformation with the participation of Maryna Bildziukiewicz, Head of East Stratcom Task Force, EEAS, George Tykhyi, communications advisor to Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Bret Schafer, Senior Researcher and Head of the Information Manipulation Group, ASD, Bruno Lethe, Senior Researcher at GMF.

Every day, the ICM office in Brussels publishes an online digest on the war in Ukraine for international media in English. At the same time, the Institute of Cognitive Modeling continues to inform millions of people in Ukraine and abroad about the situation in Ukraine through the Telegram channel «Ukraine Now» and the Viber community «Kraina_info», provides psychological support through the platform «Tell me», as well as educational opportunities for children, parents, and teachers through the Viber community «School_info».