The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has created special information resources for citizens who were forced to move to Poland

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, together with the Institute of Cognitive Modeling and the Romanuke team, created the UA HELP website, thanks to which Ukrainian citizens who were forced or plan to leave for Poland due to the war can receive all the necessary information about departure, documents, and free assistance. Also has been launched a UAHelpBot for Telegram.

«Since the beginning of the war, more than 2.6 million Ukrainians have left for Poland, a country that has very actively, fully, and systematically supported Ukrainians in trouble. We are grateful to the Polish government and the Polish people for this unprecedented help. Caring for Ukrainians abroad is one of the key priorities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. That is why together with our partners we created additional resources that will help our compatriots,» Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said.

Thanks to the new website and chatbot, Ukrainian citizens will be able to find relevant information on border crossing conditions for adults and children, conditions of stay in Poland, detailed information on obtaining documents, and the corresponding status – of a refugee or a temporary protected person. This website will be useful for those who are looking for a job, need medical and financial assistance, want to find a kindergarten or school for children, etc.

«Our task is to develop a communication system to constantly inform Ukrainians who are far from home. Ukrainians should feel that the state cares about them. Often, Information noise prevents one from getting reliable information. This is part of the struggle on the information front: to build a trilateral model of interaction between governments and people, to help adapt abroad during the war, and to resist Russian propaganda, which produces a large number of fakes and disinformation every day, including about the stay of Ukrainians in Poland,» stressed Viktor Berezenko, founder of ICM.

On the website and in the chatbot, you can find all the necessary contacts of hotlines, aid centers, and foundations that support Ukrainians in Poland.

To stay in touch and help Ukrainians adapt in the future, the site suggests taking a survey. In the future, based on the obtained sociological data, the state will launch additional projects for Ukrainians in Poland.


Chatbot (Telegram):