The «Ukraine on Fire» project: an online diary of the war in Ukraine through the eyes of a Mariupol resident

«Ukraine on Fire» are English-language online notes of a girl, whose life, like that of millions of Ukrainians, have changed on «before» and «after» on February 24, 2022. The world must know the truth about the horrors in which the russians immersed the peaceful Ukrainian city of Mariupol!

The stories of the project «Ukraine on Fire», which has been founded by the Institute of Cognitive Modeling, are told on behalf of 27 years old Katya from the besieged Mariupol. The young reporter embodies the collective image of a Ukrainian woman, in front of whom the russian army has been committing bloody crimes against humanity for more than two months. Katya becomes the voice of thousands of women – silent witnesses of the inhuman actions of the rashists in Mariupol, Bucha, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Kherson and Melitopol.

«Ukraine on fire» available on the social networks – Instagram and Twitter.

On February 23, the girl was planning her life, taking care of her son, doing ordinary things, working on a local TV channel. However, the very next day, her life changed dramatically and irreversibly.

vladimir putin and the russian army have turned Katya’s life into a real hell on earth. She spent almost 2 months in besieged Mariupol, her relatives and friends were dying in front of her, she saw with her own eyes how the face of her native city changed every day, how people were shot during the evacuation.

The «Ukraine on Fire» project gathers evidence of Katya’s life in the occupation, stories she witnessed and heard from people when she escaped the war.

ICM founder Viktor Berezenko: «The story of Katya from Mariupol is not just a tragedy of one person. It is a tragedy of millions of people united in one story. Millions of people are now witnessing the genocide of the Ukrainian people on the orders of the dictator putin. These are millions of stories of fear and struggle, millions of voices full of courage and pain, millions of witnesses to the war crimes of the invaders. Modern «Diary of Anne Frank». The world must know the truth firsthand.»

If the world has been saying «Never again» for 77 years, then why are Ukrainians being so brutally killed now? Katya must be heard! Mankind must work together to stop the bloody madness of the dictator.

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