PM of the «Sluha Narodu» attended an online lecture by the Institute of Cognitive Modelling

Deputies of the Sluha Narodu People political party attended an online lecture «Games that people play: manipulation and sustainability», which was delivered by the scientific director of the Institute of Cognitive Modeling Spartak Subbota.

This was reported on the official page of the ICM on Facebook.

The lecture was designed for the executives or their work is related to public speaking.

«During the lecture, Spartak Subbota spoke about the definition of provocations, types of emotional manipulation, as well as tools of intellectual manipulation,» commented the Institute.

According to the ICM, after the lecture, all participants got acquainted and mastered the principles of psychological literacy and personal safety, introspection, and self-control skills, as well as the basics of social interaction.


The Institute of Cognitive Modeling is a modern research center working in 5 areas of social communications, namely: social technologies, analytics, and sociological research, digital technologies, international activities, and social and corporate psychology.