#Zalyshaisiasvidomym: Ukraine has launched a social campaign about safety rules during the easing of quarantine

The Institute of Cognitive Modeling, together with the Red Cross Society of Ukraine, StarLightMedia, and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, has created a series of videos dedicated to the rules of behavior during the easing of quarantine.

In a new video project, star presenters draw attention to simple rules that can save thousands of lives during adaptive quarantine.

«Public awareness of the rules for preventing coronavirus infection is one of the important tools for combating COVID-19. It’s already obvious that the lack of information and myths created by COVID obliged people to neglect safety rules,» says Svitlana Paveletska, CEO of the Institute of Cognitive Modeling.

Now Ukraine has set another anti-record for the number of new cases of COVID-19. The Ministry of Health once again called on citizens to follow the recommendations for preventing the spread of the disease: use masks, antiseptics, not violate social distancing. This will help to contain the infection, as well as reduce the rate of hospitalization of patients with COVID-19 and the burden on doctors.

«If the population of Ukraine was widely aware of the ways of spreading COVID-19, and prevention of infection, I think there would not be such a massive ignoring of the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. Therefore, our project is designed to fill in the gaps in Ukrainians’ awareness of the coronavirus and the dangers it poses to human health,» says Viktor Berezenko, the co-founder of the Institute of Cognitive Modeling.

In the video, TV presenter Olena Frolyak talks about the safe use of public transport, Oleksandr Pedan about sports during adaptive quarantine, actor Oleksandr Berezhok about safe rest on the beach, and Grigory Reshetnik about walking in the fresh air.

«If you want to ride on a swing, don’t touch your face. When leaving the playground, be sure to treat your hands with antiseptic. Make sure that the children do the same,» TV presenter Grigory Reshetnik advises viewers.

The first videos of the campaign are already available here: